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I have a 819 pioneer, that used to be fine but now it seems that it has lost its, "punch" , power.. But its only on Blu ray which are played thru my PS3.. No settings changed in the PS3 menu, nor did I change anything on the receiver

For example on Incredible Hulk the whole school/sonic cannon scene Was listened to @ volume 48-50, now to get anywhere near that it is around 55-56.. But its only when playing BR.. I know its vague , but any ideas?

Also Im looking for a good midrange/hi end Receiver for under $700 if possible ( Amazon seems to have constant running deals ) Something with good power, audyssey, descent upscaler if possible ..

Im willing to spend more if there is a good deal , Like on the Denon 3311 I saw around BF that was $800 .. Ill pay more since it is the source for everything and can make the entire system sound better.. Not to mention when I got the Pioneer , It was just supposed to be for a general use, as I didnt think Home Audio and BR were gonna become an addiction
1 - 2 of 2 Posts