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I originally noticed during the NHL playoffs that my beloved 940 Elite seemed to be suffering from burn-in of the 4:3 black bars. Impossible I thought since I've been pretty cautious of non-full screen viewing since I've owned the thing - ran break-in slides when I first got it etc. But there they were. My wife doesn't see them - but I do - and it makes me crazy.

All I can think is the it's from our cable box guide being 4:3 - or possibly a bit of kids cartoons for our boys and my wife forgetting to stretch it then - but I just can't see how since the boys are lucky to get 2 hours of TV a week on a good week. Or maybe it's just because the old 940 is...old.

I've tried running the break-in slides overnight - as well as the Disney WoW disc pixel flipper overnight but the faint black bar burn in persists. Can anyone offer any other suggestions to help lessen or eliminate them at this point or am I stuck? I really don't think it's IR at this point but burn-in.

Luckily I have a 55" Panasonic GT30 in our family room and a 50" older Panasonic 720p in our bedroom that are both ok - but knowing my Pioneer has burn-in is making me crazy. I love that TV and hate the thoughts of replacing it.
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