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How is my calibration. Is the anything I Can change to make it better?

I'm using an eye one display 2

My settings are

contrast 37

brightness 0

color +3


sharpness -15

pure cinema

film mode advance

text op off

intelligent mode off

picture detail

dre off

black level off

acl off

enhancer mode off

gamma 2

color temp

red high +3

green -1

b high +5

r low -7

g low +1

b low 0

cti off

color management

r -1

y +7


c -3



color space 2

3dnr off

field nr off

block nr off

mosquito nr off


i-p mode off


pio.pdf 108.49609375k . file


pio1.pdf 88.7685546875k . file


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Dont calibrate the pioneer with an display 2. That meter is bad with the pioneer 9g measures wrong. Often the red i wrong on the grayscale.

Use an spectro like the colormunki. I can se that your red low is -7 problely bescause of the eye-one display 2.

The color management is best left off, but if you would like to mess with it dont move it more then +- 3 clicks. You cant get the blue and green to be perfect without an video processor.

Sorry for bad spelling come from denmark.

Ive got an pioneer 9g and an colormunki and if you got any answers pm me


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I completely understand a person wanting to work on their own stuff and I am not here to offend anyone. You have great TV and it deserves better than what you are currently using to calibrate.

this TV is worth the $350.00 to have a well equipped, well trained pro take care of it for you. Food for thought
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