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I bought a Pioneer Elite VSX 84-txsi receiver several months ago (just before the 94 came out).

Recently, I learned from Pioneer that there was a firmware update available for my receiver which was supposed to fix several well known problems for this receiver (LFE output, HDMI output problems when using component input, etc).

I contacted a local, "Authorized" service center to see if they could perform the upgrade for me.

I spoke to the receptionist who claimed she was new and did not know what I was talking about. She passed me onto another (for lack of a better word) gentleman that asked me what I was talking about. I informed him that I was told there was a firmware upgrade available for my receiver and asked him if he could do it. The person (that fits somewhat better) became instantly angry and stated that he had not heard of any such upgrades. The kicker is he didn't even know what model receiver I had!!!

I very politely explained to him that there were several articles on the INTERNET detailing these upgrades and I dropped the AVS Forum name. I did this as I know from past experience that almost every good technician that I have had the pleasure of dealing with is a member of this forum (and because it is the biggest and best forum out there). This person became even more angry and started yelling on the phone stating that he does not look at AVS forums as the people on that (he called it a blog) are idiots and do not know what they are talking about. He stated that he does not look at the internet and that he goes by the book.

Miraculously, I did not lose my temper as I was most likely in a state of shock over the incompetency that I was hearing. I politely told this person that I would be willing to forward to him the email that I received from Pioneer technical support telling me to take my receiver to a service center for the firmware upgrade. He continued to yell stating that he has not heard of any firmware upgrades (never asked for what model I had) so I did not know what I was talking about.

The person became even more hostile and started to yell on the phone saying that he would pass and refused to do the work.

I hung up the phone and was stunned how low Pioneer's standards must be. I then wrote an email to Pioneer requesting that this service center be "un-authorized" due to the very poor level of service that they are providing. I plan on calling them tomorrow as well.

I believe that there are two reasons that this person refused to do the upgrade.

1. He truly is ignorant and has no idea on how to perform a firmware upgrade and that such a function even exists.


2. There is no money to be made on this transaction so he is blowing it off.

Either of these two options are, in my opinion, simply unacceptable.

This service center needs to be removed from the Pioneer "Authorized" list before any more Pioneer customers are forced to deal with such poor service and incompetence.

I don't know how many time the good people on this forum have spent their free time helping me out with miscellaneous problems that I have had with my assorted AV gear. Everyone has been extremely knowledgeable and eager to help (well most everyone

If anyone out there has a couple of free minutes I would request that you send a brief email to Pioneer requesting that



RENO , NV 89502 (775) 829-7311
[email protected]

be removed as an authorized dealer. This is to prevent Pioneer (and who knows what other brands) good name from being smeared by such poor customer service.

If anyone out there is in for a laugh then I would suggest calling this poor ignorant person and speaking with him about these firmware updates or any other audio video problem. I believe that you will be truly shocked by the terrible customer service (from the tech the receptionist was nice) and the astounding lack of knowledge.

Thank you all for taking the time to help out the millions of people like myself. I cannot express how much I appreciate the time and energy that everyone of you spend on this forum. You are the best!!

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