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The 9G Elites can have up to 3 ISFccc memories per Input (isf Night, isf Day and isf Auto).

The ISFccc memories settings are separate from each other and the standard AV Selections. Many have the ISFccc memories calibrated and Pure (you can easily make changes in the Pure Setting though it's global for all Inputs). To edit the ISFccc settings, you would need ControlCAL which some users do have even when they have their display Professional calibrated (one example HERE ).

Your Calibrator can discuss the options with you.

This may help answer some questions: Understanding the Pioneer 9G ISFccc Interface

Here is a LIST of Professionals who have ControlCAL and can activate and calibrate your Pioneer's ISFccc Interface.

If you want to DIY Calibration, Click HERE (Post #2) for the calibration workflow for the 9G's ISFccc Interace, Click HERE for ControlCAL's Pioneer Display Profile discussion and Click HERE for additional Pioneer calibration discussions.

Hope that helps
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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