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Pioneer class action lawsuit

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 Class action document

Above is the link to the class action document

I received an email back in November about a class action lawsuit settlement for Pioneer/elite dvd video and/or audio players.

One of the benefits is a free firmware upgrade.

I have the elite dv-47ai and am wondering if anyone has had their unit upgraded?

Does this firmware upgrade fix the pioneers inability to play the Pink floyd Pulse dvd at 640kbps as well as the incompatibility issues with Neil Young, Steely Dan...?

The only problem I can recall with my player is the Pink Floyd issue. Should I go ahead and have my player upgraded if possible?

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The firmware upgrade fixed my 563a's inability to play the Who's Tommy DVD-A.

Yes you should go ahead an have the player upgraded. What should happen when you call the pioneer cs is that you'll tell them what player you have and that you need a firmware update and they'll send you a letter authorizing this upgrade and also steer you to an authorized service center. The service center will do the work at no cost to you when presented with the letter. - at least this is what happened in my case and was my understanding of what would happen based on the document you linked.

Thanks for the info. I followed the link, and then followed its instructions and sent if off to Pioneer. Today, I got a letter in the mail telling me to either take in, or send in (with included UPS label since the repair is in Carson CA and I live in Las Vegas), my DV-37 player for the free firmware update. We'll send it in tomorrow, and see what comes of it. Thanks for the link.

PS, my original firmware version was 1.086 (16) AV1: 5.1/0.2 (checked by going to "setup" then "general" then "basic menu" then pushing "display" on the remote)

Have you received your upgraded dvd player? If so, did it resolve any of your issues?

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