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Pioneer CLD-1850, tray repair and mods

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I just bought this off ebay as "not working" but was fairly confident that it was fixable but need assistance as the best i've been able to do is get it closing most of the way but it stops about an inch short of the back and opening most of the way but seems to want to keep on going, the tray components are the same as other models of Pioneer from the same time period but after watching videos and such i still cant quite get it working

pretty sure the problem is the drive mechanism as everything else seems to work fine just the opening and closing of the tray doesn't work right, i've included a photo

the problem i believe is with that big black cog/gear in the middle at the bottom and the black plate above it, i have yet to try adding extra lubrication because i dont have any but was thinking of using some vaseline/petrolium jelly to lube it up

the belt on the right set of wheels seems to be quite tight so i dont think that's the problem, if i manually spin the black cog/gear i can get the mechanism to rise and fall fine, andlike i said i've managed to get it about 80-90% working It's just that last little bit I'm failing with

I've got the service manual but it's not really that useful anyone have any ideas?

I have made sure the black slidey part just on top of the black cog is properly set into the grooves on the cog as there are bits on the underside that correspond with grooves in the cog and theres a switch mechanism on the underside of that too that i have made sure is correctly set

There were some broken bits of plastic inside but i'm pretty confident they all came off the catches on the bottom of the front panel as it appears one of the previous owners attempted repairs and didnt put the front panel on correctly snapping off the little hooks on the bottom, nothing of the inner mechanisms seem to be damaged

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Also I read that there exists an S-Video mod for this model or there used to be at least and analogue audio fix as apparently there can be problems (though was just intending on using the optical out anyway) anyone know where i can find any details on these?


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looks like i have killed it due to trying to plugin a ribbon cable while it was turned on and shorted something guess i'm gonna have to pay a premium on a fully working one now.
The plate above the big cog wheel is supposed to have a tab that looks like is broken off in the picture that moves in a path on the bottom side of the tray and the path moves the plate to provide the timing. It the tab is bfoke off the plate then it will not operate properly.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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