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Pioneer CMX433 or 4330HD where to buy?

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I am brand new here and am glad I found this place. Great information.

I was just set to go buy a Pioneer 4330hd from circuit city for $5800 and have read with great interest from those of you that purchased their plasmas on line. Not to mention the CMX vs. 4330HD threads.

Does anyone have any recommendation on a good safe place to buy one of the above?
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One other question. On the 4330hd there are two tuners. How could this be used? I have cable service from Cox.

plasmaextreme.us Ask for Lisa
dell also carries this display and is competitely priced
You can hook up your regular cable to 1 tuner - then I assume you probably have a digital cable box as well you would input via s-video or composite.
Several of us on this forum have purchased a Pioneer 433-CMX for just under $4,000. That's an $1,800 savings for a plasma that is superior to the Pioneer 4330.

I don't completely understand your question about 2 tuners, but I have 2 tuners hooked up to my 433 (and sometimes 3 tuners). Normally, I have my HDTV cable tuner (it's a Motorola 5100) hooked up to Input 2 via component, and my VCR (NTSC tuner) is hooked up to Input 4 via composite.

Once in a while, I also use an HTPC with an over the air HDTV tuner hooked up to Input 1 via a VGA cable.

So, it's possible to run 3 tuners if the 433 is equipped with a PDA 5002 card.
Thanks for the info everyone. The CMX433 is starting to sound very appealing. What do I loose going to a CMS433 instead of the 3440? Also did not see that the pda-5002 had any tuners?

Is there any problems with service going online with plasmaextreme, dell, etc vs. buying in circuit city?
The 433 cmx does not have built in tuners if you have the 5002 card. To get the dual tuners you would have to go with the 1000+ card. However, how many people actually use built in tuners - being most have to use cable box or DSS receiver.

In addition to the tuners, with the 433cmx you loose the multiple s-video/multiple composite inputs. However you gain upgradability and DVI/HDCP (with A303 or 1000+ card). You also loose the included speakers and stand. With the 433cmx all connections are made on the plasma on the card vs. connections being made on the media box 4330.

Online shouldn't be any different then going with Circuit City - except for cheaper price.

At one time the price difference between the 433cmx and 4330 was big. I believe recently the consumer models (ie 4330) have come down in price. I personally would get the 433cmx. However, if you need the speakers, like the silver instead of grey frame, need the built in tuners, like the media box approach, and are not overly worried about upgrading or DVI - then you may find the 4330 fits your needs.

FYI - plasmaextreme has a very good reputation here and reasonable prices. Dell has good pricing (if you work at it hard) and a good 30 day return policy.
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Costco (in-store) started selling PDP-4310 which includes speakers (removable), table top stand, HDTV, and PDP-4300 monitor for $4999.99

three weeks ago. Check it out if you have Costco in your area. They don't have it on-line.

I did want an all inclusive solution and also like the silver bezel better than the industrial gray or black. That drew me to the 4330. However, I heard from JustsayElectronics about a brand new 4340 with HDCP and other features including HD box built in. This new model is shown on the Pioneer web site and seems to be coming available this next week or so.

The speakers can be mounted either on the side or below the unit.

I do not have any pricing information as yet.

Has anyone done any business with this vendor in NJ?

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rwag, thanks for the info. could not find the data on the 4340. could you post the link?
Interesting--there is no mention in the users manual of DVI or HDCP. Does anyone know if this 4330 will support either?

Whoops--I got the 4330 mixed up with the 4340. (sheepish grin).

Originally posted by vbit
rwag, thanks for the info. could not find the data on the 4340. could you post the link?
Here's a couple threads to learn about the new Pio's: (pictures & all)


where can I find the 433 on dell's web site??? I have looked everywhere
Originally posted by Suzook
where can I find the 433 on dell's web site??? I have looked everywhere
Bet' cha didn't look 'everywhere'. Try "Healthcare".
damn u r good. Is this a High Def capable plasma with the card?? excuse my ignorence

Yes, the Pioneer 43" is a true HD, not ED.
Yes, the Pioneer 43" is a true HD, not ED.
Depends on your definition of "true". I would say a "true" HD display would have a resolution greater then or equal to 1280x720 or 1920x1080.

Just my opinion (from a 433cmx owner, which I call a HD display),

John Flegert
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