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I don't think bumping will help, as you and I are apparently the only two people in the world who care about the 275/363! Good news, though. Wesley Hester gave me a link to the 363 at Crutchfield, and they also have the 275. They have a good amount of detail on both products. (Btw, I called, and they're out of 363's. The item only shows in the Archive section). They show the 275 replacing the 363, for the same price ($89). Here's how they differ:

-Color: 363 is black w/ blue display, 275 is silver w/ white display.

-On-screen-display: 275 doesn't have the Setup Nagivator (whatever that is)


363: "Fixed bit-rate MP3 files are recommended. Variable bit-rate MP3 files are playable, but playing time may not be displayed correctly. This player is not compatible with loss-less-encoding or variable bit-rate WMA files. Each disc can have a maximum of 999 files and 499 folders."

275: "This player is not compatible with WMA loss-less-encoding, variable bit-rate MP3/WMA files, or multi-session recordings. Each disc can have a maximum of 299 files, and up to 648 files and folders combined."


363: "Baseline JPEG and EXIF 2.1 still image files up to 8 mega-pixels are supported (maximum vertical and horizontal resolution is 5120 pixels)"

275: "Baseline JPEG and EXIF 2.2 still image files up to 3072 x 2048 are supported."

363 only: "The unit has a PhotoViewer setting that can be set to On or Off. When this setting is turned on and you insert a disc with MP3/WMA audio files and JPEG picture files, you can only view the JPEG picture files. When this etting is turned off, you can play the WMA/MP3 audio files."

-Preset Equalizations: Only the 275 has it.

-Dialog Enhancer: Only on the 275. (Boosts center channel).

-Resume Play: The 363 remembers where you stopped for 5 DVDs. The 275 remembers for 1 disc.

-Video Adjust: The 363 lets you keep 3 settings for contrast, brightness, and chroma. The 275 lets you keep 1 setting of the sharpness, brightness, contrast, gamma, hue, and chroma.

-Outputs: The 363 has coax & optical digital audio out. The 275 is coax only.

-Remote: The 363 has the VXX2865, and the 275 gets the VXX2913.

And that's all I see.

Now I have a question for you. Do you know where I can get a 363? I definitely prefer the 363 to the 275.

Take Care!
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