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Pioneer DVR-531H-S Mystery #2 – EPG Setting – initial Channel Scan?

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(Cable Box: Scientific Atlanta - Service: Comcast Digital )

I’m wondering if (in the initial set-up phase of the EPG) if you really need to wait 24 hours?

It seems that what happens is

1. you reset and initialize everything

2. It says wait 24 hours

3. 24 hours later – you don’t have any listings – only the question to now select which cable service you have. Now you have to wait another 24 hours to get some listings?

I’m wondering if that initial step where it tests all of your cable channels really takes 24 hours ?
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I've done the software debug method of reset 3 times now. My zip code is remembered but not my provider (actually the same provider has two listings--they changed their channel lineup last July but both are still shown in the pick menu). This last time I manually went to SETUP and picked out the provider...but I can remember if that option was immediately available or if I had to wait until the next morning.

The time before this last time I picked the provider in the morning at about 10am, then powered off the dvr-531. When I powered it on at 6pm I had day 1, day 8, and part of day 2.

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