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I have narrowed my receiver choice to these two fine machines. The 43TX can be had for less than $600, while the 1055 will cost around $1300 including tax. I will use them to drive my 5.1 system with a pair of Energy C-6 and 3 AC-300 as center & surround. I currently have a Nakamichi AV-1S receiver, but since it does not decode Dobly Digital/DTS etc, I need to upgrade.

While money is not a big issue, I do want to get more if I spend more, thus I expect to get more if I get the 1055. Of course I've auditioned both receivers in store, but with different room settings & different speakers, it is impossible to tell which one are better. Both of them produce very nice sound, and as far as I can tell, the Pioneer is warmer, while the Rotel is clearer, but they could easily be attributed to the speakers.

What I like about the 1055:

1. Many people claim that 1055 is better in music, which is very important to me, as I believe both receiver will do fine for HT for me.

2. Rotel has the "Hi Fi" prestige.

3. Silver color of Rotel looks really cool.

4. Club Rotel is a nice place to hang out.

5. Component video switching, which could be nice in the future, but right now I connect the video out of my equipment to my Plasma TV directly.

What I like about the 43TX:

1. More power (and I read Pioneer is honest about their power rating), and can do front bi-amp, which I hope can open up my kinda difficult to drive C-6.

2. Quite a bit cheaper.

3. Also very nice face plate.

4. Even if I do not like the amp of 43TX, I can easily add a Rotel 1075 or Parasound 5 channel amp, and that will not much cost more than the 1055 alone. But that do mean I need another shelve as the Bello shelve can handle only 50lbs :)

5. Supposedly it has newer DSP chip, but I doubt I can hear the difference there. I have read thru the interesting thread here about Pioneer having newer chip etc.

All the expert here, any suggestions? I don't think i have time to get both at home, set them up properly and listen, but maybe I will do that. The Rotel dealer only have 7 days return policy, so it will be pretty tough.
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