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After years of happy viewing, its time for me to move on from my PRO-150FD. I just moved to a house with space for a real theater setup, and I'm going with a projector. I'm the original owner of this TV (I bought it from Sound Advice in December of 2007 for $6,419.99 -- I still have the receipt), and I have really babied it, so it's in great shape (no dings, scratches, IR, burn in, etc.). For a Kuro, it has relatively low hours on the panel. I just checked in the service menu and it's approximately 10,600 hours. All of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I have everything it came with originally (stand, speakers, remote, all paperwork and manuals) except for the box.

I had it professionally ISF calibrated two years ago, and it's dialed in beautifully.

I will miss this amazing TV. Best $6419.99 I ever spent.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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