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Pioneer Elite 610 pro hd hookup question

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I have a 57" Pioneer elite and have a Direct tv DTC-100 with HD RGB out going through the RGB input of the Pioneer. The problem with this tv is when you go through the RGB it locks up the sharpness and color controls..in other words you are stuck with the picture the way it was "intended"..but i don't necessarily like it...

I have s-video going into input 2 to watch analog...

You also have to switch the tv over to input 3 because when you arrive at an HD channel on input 2 it is in analog and when you switch inputs to #3 the screen is bacl until you tell the tv through its' remote to fetch the hd for #3..

It is too complicated..

Are there any Pioneer elite owners that can solve some issues I have with this?

Can i get a new HD Sat receiver that not only has RGB but also component and hook component up so it does not lock the settings on HD sources.

Do I still have to fetch the hd signal?


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