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Pioneer Elite 710HD - Can't converge HD

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Watching the Masters today, and noticed I needed to adjust convergence on the set.. When I go to convergence, it lets you pick the mode - I see "full for 4:3 normal" and right underneath "full for HD".. For some reason, it won't let me cursor to the "full for HD" mode - so I *can* adjust convergence, just for the wrong mode, which sucks.

I thought at one point someone said it had to do with inputs being used.. I might try throwing everything into component input #2 for a try...

Anyone have a definite?
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This is odd that you mention this now because I was in the other day lookin at the PE and the Mit Diamond and asking a friend the pro's and cons of each, and the one thing he said about the Elite was that there were problems with sets not converging in both the 20 and 30 series, and the problem was 2 types:

1) Won't allow you to converge

2) Won't converge and a PE tech comes out and does it, and than the next day it unconverges itself somehow

He said with people with service contracts they actually were having to replace units, because the tech couldn't get it fixed.

It sounds like you are having the same problem, but with that model being more than 3 years old, it is odd that it is just happening now. I guesss if you never had to converge it before though, it could have always been like that and you just didn't know. I know that is bad news, but I hope you have a service contract because he said they weren't able to fix any of the sets that did that, and you know it is bad when Pioneer Elite is taking back multiple sets from just one dealer that I talked too. It was enough to end my consideration of the brand.
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It's possible... The Masters was the first HD show that had very strong color separation (if that's even what it's called) -- the caddies wearing solid white against a dark green grass background..
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