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Pioneer Elite and Momitsu DVD remote problems

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Is anyone else running a Pioneer Elite receiver and a Momitsu V880 dvd player and, if so, are you having problems with the remote codes between the two?

Apparently, the elite (well, the 54tx at least) and the dvd player may share some remote codes - for instance, when I push down volume on the elite remote, the momitsu occasionally skips to the next chapter of the dvd. Sometimes the dvd player turns off when I hit volume up. These are all I have noticed so far, but I am sure there are a couple more.

Has anyone else had this problem? Short of buying a new dvd player, is there any way to resolve this?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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common problem. I had the same issue with my 53tx and Bravo players, including the D1 and D2.

this is known by them and was not resolved. hopefully in the next rev of players.
This topic has been covered extensively in the DVD section of this site. My understanding is that even the newer V880N has this issue.
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