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I have what I consider to be a unique set of circumstances that are really complicating my AVR selection process. Here are my variables:

1. 2 Channel sound quality is top priority.

2. Ideal budget new or used of $500-$700

3. I have a Blu-ray player, but I could go either way with regards to HDMI/TrueHD capability, your input on it's performance virtues are welcomed.

4. I must be able to run my sub when using "Direct/Bypass Stereo" modes

5. Don't care about video processing

6. My listening room has extensive acoutic treatment (12 bass traps, first reflection treatment etc...)

7. B&W CDM1 bookshelf speakers and center, Infinity dipole rears. 3500 cu ft listening room

8. I use my computer as my media server, so no need for "networking capable" AVR

So far, my top pick is the Denon 2310ci. I auditioned it against comparable Pioneer and Yamaha.
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