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Hi guys,

I stumbled across a PRO-101FD this weekend and jumped at the opportunity to buy it. I have had it hooked up for about 1.5 days now and have watched about 10 hours on the set. The picture quality is astounding. The noises it's making, however, are not.

As soon as I turn on the panel, before the screen even lights up, a high-pitched whining noise emanates from the top corners of the display (from both the front and back of the display, as far as I can tell). It echoes off the walls and I can hear it clearly with my sound system muted at a distance of 11-12 ft and it's quite annoying when I'm sitting on the couch.

This noise isn't the plasma "buzz" that people are complaining about with the KUROs. I do have that noise (and it's fairly loud, actually) but it comes on only after the panel lights up and is somewhat mitigated by setting the power saving mode to "mode 2".

Any idea what is causing the whining and if it can be repaired? I'm loathe to return / exchange the set as the dealer only had 2 available but I don't want to be stuck with this noise after the return period has expired (7 days). I'm obviously going to contact them about this issue but wanted to do so with calibrated expectations.

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