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I have a three month old Pioneer Elite PRO-101FD. I remember having difficulties with HDMI inputs when I got it first but I was able to get HDMI 1 (Input 5) receive the signal from the receiver and I wasn`t too much concerned about it.

A few days I ago I tried to connect my BD player to HDMI2 (Input 6) but the TV does not detect any signal from this input. The BD player works fine on Input 5. I tried the other two HDMI inputs (HDMI3 and HDMI4) and they don`t work either. There is a difference though. When I press the button to select Input 6 on the remote the TV does not do anything. When I press the buttons for Inputs 7 and 8 the TV goes blank for 1-2 seconds (I assume it`s trying to sync) but then shows what`s on Input 5. The only input that works is Input5/HDMI1.

I can call the authorized service center for service but I just wanted to check with the experts on the forum to make sure that I am not overlooking something simple in the setup. Thanks for any help.
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