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Pioneer Elite Pro 111 HD Plasma

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I have a couple questions i'd really appreciate help with..

First how does the 111 compare to the 46zb750 in terms of PQ and value.

I'm new to this forum so i don't know all the rules 100%, i think i read somewhere you weren't suppose to talk about price but i don't know if that was that specific sub forum or all of avsforum etc...

Anyways i'd really like to know what people thought of this deal I found locally for a 5 month old lightly used mint 111 w/ stand box and everything else that came with it for $xxxx ( I got him down from his original price of $xxxx.

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Two completely different types of pictures between these two panels.

Also, you have to remove prices from your posts, it is against the rules.

I will say that you can a KRP-500m from one of the forum sponsors, which has higher contrast than the 111, would be new in the box, with all of the same features, for close to the same price.

The Kuro is the better panel overall in terms PQ, but some prefer the look LCDs, so it is up to you.
how come the KRP-500m isn't listed anywhere on pioneer's website?

Originally Posted by piotr01 /forum/post/16900431

how come the KRP-500m isn't listed anywhere on pioneer's website?

My understanding from D-Nice's is the 500M/600M were intended for custom installation and were not sold directly to consumers.

Since they left the plasma business they re-leased for resale.
okay i took out the prices. I made a lower offer and well see what happens. I'd prefer to pick this one up b/c its local. Btw where do I go to find the forum sponsors?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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