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Like new SC-35. Everything about it can be found in the following link: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Home/AV-Receivers/Elite+Receivers/SC-35

I bought it a little over a year ago as an open box item at a Best Buy Magnolia store.

Like new (with box/manual/remote/wires/setup microphone) Pioneer Elite SC-35, it is AWESOME! All pics are of actual unit, except the rear picture is a stock photo of an SC-35. There is one hairline scratch (about 1 inch) on the front flip-down cover that I tried to capture in a picture. Other than that, the unit is flawless and in like new working condition.

This is a 7.1 receiver that is compatible with about everything out there. It is rated at 140 watts/7channels. Because this is a class D amplifier, there is extremely low loss in power when all 7 channels are being pushed. It is ICE certified too, and is a very cool running receiver. Quick overview: it is bluetooth ready, iPhone/iPad compatible, HDMI 3D passthrough ready, and the list goes on and on. It is truly an audiophile's recevier, and you can customize this receiver to such an advanced degree. It confused me when I got it that there are 9 speaker inputs on the back of the receiver when it is only a 7.1. The reason is that you have the ability to augment the sound field in different areas or create a separate area for dedicated speakers. All in all, only 7 speakers will have power at any one time, not 9. The inputs just decide what specific sound to send to what speaker. Turns out, I didn't completely read the manual.

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Hi Vinny,

I have an interest in the DC-35 but would like a little more information.

How long have you owned?

Are you the original owner and did you register it with Pioneer?

Where did you purchase the SC-35?

Has it been serviced for any reason with you or any previous owner?

Is everything that came with it originaly included?

Will you take $550 for it shipping included? My zip code is 81240


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