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I'm fairly impressed with the Pioneer SC-85 I had installed on Jan 2, 2015. Okay, newbie question: I used to have a 75-lb ATI AMP AT1505 that gave very neutral sound and had some real slam to my mid bass (my sub is self-powered). I sold the amp cuz I needed the cash at that time. I now regret it. There is some sound dimensional quality to this receiver that is enjoyable. I don't yet own ATMOS capable speakers.

Would there be any benefit to acquiring another amp and hooking it up to my SC-85? How about just a 5-7 channel amp with a preamp that my Sc-85 can do? Would most people leave it alone? I'm not a perfectionist, but close, lol. I don't know much about receiver-amp combos or if their worthwhile.

Thx for your input.
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