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Pioneer Elite SC 95 - Apple TV 4k (Gen 1) not showing the on-screen-display???

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I have 4 devices connected via HDMI. Two of them are displaying the on-screen display properly. (Newish 4k Sony Blu ray) and a 9 year-old Apple Mac Mini. The 1 year old AppleTV 4k is not and the Xfinity 4k X1 cable box is not.

So far, no one has any reasonable thoughts. Pioneer thinks "a compatibility issue". Apple has no idea. Xfinity has no idea. I am trying to get this moved up the ladder to a technical person within Apple and Xfinity. I have swapped units to use the input that is working for the Sony Bluray. Apple TV didn't show OSD there either. I changed video settings on the Pioneer receiver to the lowest 4k setting, that didn't do anything. I changed the settings on the Xfinity X1 DVR to 1080p, OSD did not show up. All of the HDMI cables were upgraded to 4k when this was installed 18 months ago. Maybe a compatibility issue? HDCP ?

Appears it has something to do with Apple's 4k implementation which may be blocking it or something. Hooked up a slightly-older Apple TV (non-4k) and the Pioneer OSD worked fine. Any thoughts?
Thx DD
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@ddarche I think A4kTV and Xfinity boxes are notoriously buggy up front. For Xfinity I read about cec control, sleep timer or time out settings causing issues. For Apple, their resolution settings, low res hdmi cables, cec control or the power on sequence are typical solutions.
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try reboot on both appletv and box

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