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Originally I was running the Pioneer Elite SC27 connected to B&W 805 front speakers and center channel that are about 4-5 years old and some 8ohm compatible paradigm rear surround speakers..

I was recently given a couple 2 channel Sonance Sonamp 260's and a single channel Marantz amp that are all about 15 years old. My question is would the external amps do a better job at powering my speakers than the receiver alone? It would be nice to know before I go through and re-wire everything

SC27 amplifier specs say:

140W per channel @ 8ohms

Sonamp 260 specs:

60 watts per channel @ 8ohms

Thanks ahead of time!

EDIT: Out of boredom I rewired and hooked up the amps.. Testing on a movie seems like I have to turn up the volume level higher to get the same loudness as before but it sounds super clean, from voices to music and gunshots etc.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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