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I have a fairly old VSX-21 that I love. A few years ago, my house was hit by lighting. From that point on, i can't turn it up past -19. At -19 it cuts off, i turn volume back up above -19 (-20 or -21) for example and its fine. I have had it in storage for 6 months, and I just hooked it back up. I'm not sure if it's in my head, but I'm pretty sure that its slightly tweaking the volume level just a tiny bit up/down every few seconds.

Is this a common sign of a failing receiver? (I do realize that my post lighting symptoms would tell most of you to reccomend I expect it to die very soon anyway) but constructively does this new symptom sound typical? Am I making it up?

(no one I know will be able to hear it, and they'll think i'm crazy for asking if they do.)
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