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Pioneer FS-52 vs Fluance XL7F

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I'm looking into going away from my Bic Venturis and I have some great interest from someone on Craigslist. He's very motivated so I'm looking to find new speaker packages. I know many regard the Pioneers to be much better speakers than what their price point suggests, and that they even sound better than many speakers 2-3x their price. I have also began looking at the Fluance XL7F mostly because I got their Bipolar surrounds from the same line on Ebay for a very good price.

They're not discussed much on this forum but have been given great ratings on Amazon. Here's a link to their product page: http://fluance.com/product/XL7F_High_Performance_Three_way_Floorstanding_Loudspeakers.eng-7.html

The one major concern I have is that their center channel is rated at only 85db for sensitivity while their towers are at 89. This seems like quite a gap between the center and towers. Could this be an issue at all?

The Pioneers, the two towers and center, could be had at $223 once you get them with the sale. The Fluance towers and center would be $556.

What do you guys think?
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