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We've hooked up the receiver to all the speakers and such. We switch it on, and it is stuck on SP-> mode (headphones) whereas it should be on SP->A mode.

SP-> mode indicates that headphones are plugged in.

SP->A mode indicates that speakers are switched on.

Thing is, we have no headphones plugged in. If we actually plug in headphones, we get sound perfectly out of the headphones. This indicates that the sound is making it to the receiver from the DVD player fine. However, because it is stuck on headphone mode (SP->), it can only output sound through the PHONES port.

Additionally, because of this, we cannot perform the "quick setup" as instructed in the manual. Whenever we press the "quick setup" button on the front panel of the receiver, the display shows the message "PHONES.IN", which indicates that headphones are plugged in.

We've tried switching out wires from the receiver to the speakers, to no luck.

Is there a way to toggle the mode so we can get sound through our 5.1 system? We have found none so far. What is wrong?
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