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Hello, board.

I would like to ask a few questions regarding a setup of a Pioneer KRP-500A and a Pioneer BDP-LX71. The connection is made via an HDMI 1.3 Category 2 cable, a rather expensive one.

Both components were used for roughly 70 hours, entirely fed via Blu-Ray Discs or DVDs. No TV was watched at all.

The available titles to rent with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 for native, or 1.85:1 for acceptable zoomed display is very limited, as 2.35:1 is predominant in the film world.

In order to avoid permanent image retention, or burn-in, I read that it would be best not to display any static images or parts thereof in the first 100 hours of usage. Some will mention 200 hours while others will state that there are no problems with burn-in in the current generation of Pioneer plasma panels anymore. Being able to safely watch all the 2.35:1 releases out there would be good.

Regarding run-in settings I looked around a bit and found the following ones, which were modified. The contrast is at 20, brightness at 0, the individual colours are untouched, sharpness is at 0 to avoid a slightly milky picture disliked when Blu-Ray Discs are watched and energy saving options are disabled entirely.

The room the equipment is in can be darkened completely.

"Pure Mode

Contrast 32

Brightness +1

Colour 0

Tint 0

Sharpness -15



Fim Mode OFF (SKY) or Advanced (BLUE RAY HD) OFF (SD DVD)


Intellegent Mode OFF


DRE OFF (more accurate) or Low if you want more fake contrast



Enhancer Mode 2

Gamma 2



Red High -3

Green High 0

Blue High -2

Red Low -1

Green Low 0

Blue Low -1


Colour Management

Red +1

Yellow -1

Green 0

Cyan -1

Blue 0

Magenta -2

Colour Space 2

Noise Reduction All Off

Options Menu

scroll to second page

Drive mode

Select 2 for Sky HD (SD) or 1 for DVD and Blue Ray"

I would like to know if it is safe to watch titles with an aspect ratio of 2.35:1 with the settings I use, now and without further run-in.

It would also be interesting to know if the run-in is different when the displayed refresh rate is either 72 Hertz for 24 Hertz input or 60 Hertz for 60 Hertz input, thus if the total time of the roughly 70 hours the equipment was used would not actually be equivalent to watching television or something else displayed at 100 Hertz for the same duration.

I wondered whether there is a possibility I am not aware of to disable overscan when watching DVDs. There is the possibility to output DVDs upscaled and activate 1:1 pixel mapping, the "Dot-By-Dot" mode, although usually the television set did that. I do not know which upscaling is actually superior or if there is a noticeable difference.

Displaying 1080i/60 signals at 100 Hertz might be impossible. A service menu setting would probably be needed to do that.

Currently the video format selected is Component Video (4:4:4), which should upconvert the native Component Video (4:2:2) format on Blu-Ray Discs and DVDs. I tested various formats available, like Component Video (4:2:2), RGB (16 To 235) and RGB (0 To 255) and considered Component Video (4:4:4) to produce better graduations.

Maybe someone can tell me something regarding these matters.

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Hi there

You told you that the KRP-500A burns if you watch TV below the 100 hours of use?

First that problem was solve from the 7th generation of Pioneer Plasmas.

Second the KRP-500A is even a more advanced plasma than the PDP-5090, it contains some 10th Generation specs.

I also had that doubt in the beginning, i have the same KRP-500A, and one thing is burning, another thing is if you see a "watermark" of the logo when you watch tv and shut it down. But the plasma will clean that.

Besides you have a "screen protection option", if you activate it you will notice a slight "jump" in the picture once in a while, and that is the protection avoiding that your screen will not damage.

If i we're you i would enjoy that amazing tv, don't stress too much.

In the store where i bought mine, they have there a Pioneer 5000EX, do you remember those? The first 1080P Plasma from Pioneer?

They have it on TV everytime, and it's not burned.

We are talking about a High End brand, not just a commercial brand.

Hope this helps you.

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Do something...

When you are watching TV once in a while change the format of the picture from "cinema" to "zoom" and so and so....

Like that you won't even have "logo watermarks". I do that when i watch tv.

And since your plasma is still new, once in a while make a "cleaning" once in week, and then 15 and 15 days, it's an option that shows you white bars etc...

When it has more than 200 or 300 hours do it once in a month.

It will improve your panel and clean anything that is in the memory and gives you some screen shadow.

Another thing is if you forget something on "pause mode" and the marks show up on the screen just turn off the plasma, plug it off from electricity and wait 6 hours until the capacitors clean everything in memory.

Is possible that after that when you plug it on again it will ask country language etc...

Well these are technicians advises that i took from Pioneer when i bought mine.

Good luck, and enjoy it for many many years. Congrats

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Thank you for the tips.

No one told me not to watch any television programming in the first 100 hours, I just do not like it. I would rather download shows with the commercial breaks edited out.

The screen protection adjusts several options at once, as far as I recall. The result is nothing I would want to use. The "jump" in the picture you mentioned probably is the "Orbiter" option, which is not used at all. "Dot-By-Dot" is what should make the best image quality. I never tried that mode for more than a few seconds. Being cautious can be good, but also exaggerated by me. It is the first plasma panel around here.
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