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The Pioneer KURO 50" Plasma TV that I have for sale is one of the best TV's ever made. Just google Pioneer KURO and you will see what I mean. This TV is in like-new condition and works perfectly. Blacks are deep and colors are phenomenal on this set, especially from HD sources. If you have any questions or would just like to see the TV in action, please text (or call) me at (585) 313-6468. It's still hooked up to a blu-ray player, Time Warner Cable, and all my gaming systems so you will be able to see how this baby performs. My asking price is $400. That being said, it is worth the money as they don't make sets like this anymore and the original price was $5,000. I use the set less than a couple of hours a week on average as I use a projector as my main viewing source. I am selling the set for local pickup only and I am located in Greece, NY a suburb of Rochester, NY. Thanks for looking!

Product Description (from Amazon)
An experience like never before requires an uncompromising attention to detail. Introducing the revolutionary new 1080p plasma only from Pioneer, designed to bring sight and sound together in the most inconceivable, alluring and amazing of ways. Tapping into the most potent of emotions requires an uncompromising attention to detail. That's why our Pioneer line was designed to awaken your sense in the most extraordinary, beautiful ways. Pioneer's Plasma Technology has many features to outperform all the others. New cell structure with improved crystal emissive layer redesigned for a more intense black with added detail. New filter with enhanced contrast in bright environments. New ASIC video processing and scaling for the ultimate in Standard-Definition and High-Definition video performance. New detachable bottom speaker with integrated digital amplifier for improved clarity and accuracy of sound. New Optimum Video Mode with optical light sensor for automated adjustment of picture in both varying light conditions and by program content such as movies, news, sports, etc. New Smooth Film Motion mode to eliminate motion judder in 3:2 Pulldown (60Hz) providing natural even playback of content created from film. New 4 Independent HDMI 1.3 inputs with HDMI-CEC control and the ability to accept 1080p 24/60Hz signal New Room Light Sensor.Advanced PureCinema with 3:3 Pulldown (72Hz) for accurate playback of film content Fully integrated ATSC and Dual NTSC Tuners with built-in CableCARD Slot Home Gallery offering a convenient way to view photos via USB connection V-Chip Parental Control. TV Guide On Screen Interactive Program Guide (ver. 9) Remote Control w/ Glow in the dark / Preset Mode

The Pioneer KURO PDP-5010FD is a 1080p plasma television featuring an exceptionally bright and clear 50-inch screen. With a 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen, this television would be an ideal centerpiece for a home theater system in a medium-to-large-sized room.

The KURO PDP-5010FD has the full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels for the most detailed picture available.

Connect a flash drive with the built-in slot and view photos on the large screen.
Outstanding Video Performance
With a screen as large as this, high resolution becomes more important because it is more possible to view each pixel from a distance. The PDP-5010FD is a native 1080p display, meaning it has a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the highest standard available. The black levels on plasma screens are generally superb and this unit is no exception, with blacks that are an intense, deep black and a picture that has very high contrast as a result.

The display features Pioneer's new ASIC video processing and scaling, which upconverts standard definition and other video resolutions for viewing at 1080p. A variety of noise reduction circuitry ensures a distortion-free picture at all times. Users can manually adjust the color temperature, gamma, and the levels of noise reduction circuitry and filters to fine tune the picture to their exact specifications.

An optical light sensor automatically adjusts the picture for optimal viewing depending on the ambient light in the room, compensating for night and day and for the content of the video, such as sports, movies, or news. The PDP-5010FD also has a film mode that eliminates motion judder and provides smoother playback of film content.

The PDP-5010FD is capable of remembering six picture settings for various A/V selections, with Movie, Game, Standard, Dynamic, and Optimum modes, as well as a user-defined preset. You can also set one of five aspect ratio presets in case you're watching standard-aspect 4:3 television. The television can also be set to auto-size when zooming is necessary.

Connections for all your Components
The PDP-5010FD has a large complement of inputs, including four independent HDMI 1.3 inputs (two with analog audio). Additionally, it has two component inputs, three composite inputs, and one S-Video input. There is a USB connection that can connect a storage drive for viewing of photos. A built-in CableCard slot enables the PDP-5010FD to work with cable services without an extra decoding box. An ATSC and two NTSC tuners are built in and fully integrated for use with picture-in-picture and picture-side-picture modes. The television has outputs for Dolby Digital/PCM, audio, subwoofer, SR+, and headphone. The TV Guide On-Screen programming guide is included as well.

Breathtaking Audio
The PDP-5010FD features a detachable bottom speaker with an integrated digital amplifier that improves the clarity and accuracy of the sound. The amplifier provides 17 watts of power for the two-way speakers and supports SRS WOW/FOCUS/TruBass surround sound.
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