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i have sa strange problem with gamma and the ISF modes.

Gamma takes a dip at 5% white to go back to normal at 10%

i have not found how to correct this problem.

as you know the 9 point gamma settings in the ISF modes only changes gamma in 10 steps

it doesnt matter what i set point 1 gamma (10% white) to

the 5% dip is allways there.

at the standard and user modes the dip isnt there.

if i compare the ISF modes to the user mode i can clearly see that the details near black is washed out due to the low gamma near black.

the lack of contrast is obvious with the ISF modes.

anyone knows why only the ISF modes have this problems?

its almost that the tv has one straight (lower) gamma that it starts from and the ISF modes kicks in at 10% white and corrects it.

i have also noticed that the color luminance is uneven with the ISF modes.

much more even with the standard modes.

anyone else noticed these problems?

as it is now the standard and user modes with a locked gamma curve looks best.

ISF modes

User mode with locked gamma (Gamma 1)

the strange gamma near black with the ISF modes is also visible at this RGB test image.

(download original if you want to check it out and dont have a colormeter)

with the ISF modes i can see all boxes down to the upper second right box.

the two boxes after isnt visible but then the 2nd and 3rd box from the upper left becomes visible.

thats the result of the gamma dip near black.

with the standard and user modes i can see all boxes up to the 4rd upper middle box.

the 3 boxes to the left is not visible.

thats the normal behaviour
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