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Pioneer Kuros PDP-6020FD

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I have a cracked display and would like to buy the replacement part number AWU1346. Can anyone point me to someone who can either sell this to me or a company who stocks this part? Thanks in advance. Pioneers official site indicates they are out of stock, is Panasonic making the replacement panels yet for Kuros?
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i would think it would be hard to find except from pioneer themselves. but maybe contact one of the avs forum sponsors who sell pioneer plasmas like Roman O at buybestplasma.com, chris at clevelandplasma.com, robert at *********************, john marty at axxisdurango.com.

have you tried a local tv service repair to see if they could order from Pioneer.

pioneer will be outsourcing the 10g panels through panasonic and they are hopefuly due out ~4Q later this year.

did you throw a Wii controller into it?? get mad the giants lost??
Thanks for the info dssturbo. But no I was born and raised in the Steeler Nation.
Wow. At $3,510.02 for that parts alone without the labor cost of fixing it. You may as well buy a new 6020FD.
I guess I could hope that someone like member Danimal73 have another issue with 8 red flashes on the screen and have it be improperly misdiagnosed as a panel problem instead of replacing the ssboard or dboard.

Originally Posted by SoSo /forum/post/15541665

Wow. At $3,510.02 for that parts alone without the labor cost of fixing it. You may as well buy a new 6020FD.

Costco has it close to that amount now.

Originally Posted by JChin /forum/post/15541960

Costco has it close to that amount now.

Yep, great price, but Amazon even beats THAT with FREE shipping and no sales tax as well (shipping's $99 with Costco, I recall).

You do get an extra year on the warranty with Costco though, so that counts for something.

2 great deals though, no doubt about it!

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what costco are you looking at? I searched the online store and came up with nothing?
Costco online and b&m differ. All the costco stores in the east bay CA carry 50/6020's. They are pretty friendly if you call and ask. They even held a panasonic BD-35 for my friend to come in and pick up.
I just ended up buying the Pioneer PDP-111FD. Thanks everyone for your responses.
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