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Pioneer Mounts (PRO1000HD, maybe 503 too?)

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Pioneer does not have mounts yet for the PRO1000HD. i can't speak to the 503, but in examining the 503 literature on the WWW it looks like they're the same mount (but don't quote me on it).

Premier Mounts appears to be the company manufacturing the actual mounts for Pioneer. They're on the WWW at http://www.premiermounts.com/ , though you won't see these Pio models listed online yet. The first manufacturing run will be ready to ship out of their warehouse on Friday the 26th (a week from tomorrow). This jives with Pioneer telling me it'd be "early November" before they released a mount for the PRO1000HD.

Premiere Mounts can be reached at 800/368-9700 x224 will get you to Linda, who is quite knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. I talked to another sales person who was nice but clueless ("It's not on the price list, so it's a few months out."). Linda is not clueless :)

I was asking about flat wall mounts, but they also will have tilting mounts and a fully-articulated ceiling mount. I don't know if the latter two are available now or the 26th or whenever - I didn't ask.

List price is apparently $265. It's a two-piece jobbie like most of their other stuff (I'm waiting for confirmation that that price includes both pieces - 90% sure it does, but not 100%). Pioneer apparently wanted to do a one piece jobbie and PMPI balked. I was quoted something like $400 to $500 for the forthcoming official Pioneer mount - maybe it's different, who knows.

Linda was fairly certain that the mounting structure on the PRO1000HD is unchanged from the 505 models; semi-confirming info EricBee has dug up previously. That said, they revved their design since the PDM-501F-4. Who knows (on their site for the 505HD).

Linda is emailing me the specific specs on the PSM-501F and its better half (the part that sticks to the wall). Will post the PDFs.

I have asked them if they're interested in a "powerbuy". Let's see what happens.


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i posted the two PDFs but have deleted them. in the fine print they say they are not to be "disclosed to others". i need to verify that they're okay about me posting these. sorry 'bout that.

the tilt mount is "T" instead of "F" (for Flat) and lists at $350. i have no further info on it.

those prices include everything you need. the "full hardware pack" as one of the folks put it. bolts and screws; and both the plasma side piece and the wall side piece

so at what point do i go blind when i keep replying to my own posts? ;)

more info on the mounts from my dealer who was on the phone with his pioneer sales rep.

first, the 505 series mount will work just fine on the PRO1000HD.

the new mount they call a "wall hugging" unit. it is 3/4" shallower than the old unit. i guess that might matter in certain applications.

pioneer has purportedly already taken delivery of their new mounts and they'll apparently be shipping out to dealers this week. supposedly i should have mine by the end of next week.

pricing seems to be a few dozen bucks higher than the Premiere Mounts unit. no confirmation on whether they are one in the same.
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