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Hi guys,

as the subject states, basically i have a Pioneer 4300 (which i still love) yes it is a 720p, the thing does not have HDMI or Speakers.

It's basically a Monitor.

For years i have been using Sony Dream System DAV-C770 (which i hated ever since i got it) through component cables and audio input (through 2 RC cables)

But now my SONY is just plain 'ol crap. It does not play DVDs anymore and it's super slow. I neeeeeeeed to replace it at this point.

I would need a DVD Player that can connect through components and be able to play audio though RCA on the same output.

I also have a cable box, where I connect the Box to the TV directly for Video and connect the cable-box sound to another input on the Sony Dream System and kind-of merge the two by changing the TV input and SONY System's outputs.

I know it's real backwards setup, but this is how it is when you have a nice TV you don't want to replace since you cable does not offer 1080p yet and you do not care for BlueRay yet.

So the rundown again i have a Pioneer without HDMI and Sound, and need a DVD player with Components and RCA sounds on the same outputs.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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