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Pioneer PDP 4360, can it upconvert standardDVDs from 480p to 1080i?

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Hey all, I have a Pio 4360 and a Sony Progressive scan DVD player. I notice that when I play a DVD the TV shows it as being a 480p signal. I was wondering if my TV has an internal upconverter. I was thinking about hooking my xbox 360 via VGA in order to upconvert standard DVD's to 1080i, (I also have the HD DVD player for the 360), but if my TV will do this by itself, then I can take back that xbox 360 VGA Cable and save myself 40 bucks and continue using the xbox via component cables...

Or would it be better to let the 360 upconvert the standard DVD's to 1080i?
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The tv converts every signal fed to it to 1024x768 (its native resolution). 480p is converted to 1024x768, just like 1080i is converted to 1024x768. Upconverting may look better if the dvd player converts to 1080i better than the tvs internal conversion, and if the tv converts the 1080i to it's native res better than it does 480p. Test which looks better to you and use that.
Ok. I had to read that twice to understand it. So 1024x768 is my tv's native resolution? What is 1027x768 compared to 1080i?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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