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I purchased a set of Pioneer S-H453's and a set of S-H253's off of ebay (refurbed directly from Pioneer). They sounded okay (better than the KLHs they were replacing) but nothing spectacular (used mostly for movies).

Watched a concert DVD at an in-laws (Polk R30/R15 setup), bought the same DVD to watch at home and it didn't sound nearly as good, even the wife noticed.

Started experimenting & troubleshooting and noticed that there was no sound coming from the mid-range on all 3 speakers (453's are main and 1 253 is the center). Pulled the midrange & hooked it up directed to the receiver and had sound. Took the wire from the crossover that went to the midrange and attached it to an old center speaker (2-way - midrange & tweeter). Got sound only from the tweeter, no midrange. Took the tweeter wire from the crossover and performed the same test. This time only had sound from the mid-range.

I re-wired the drivers (what was mid-range is now tweeter and visa-versa). Sound is now coming from all drivers. Plopped in the concert DVD and it sounded great...100% better (even the wife noticed).

Am I missing something here...or is it possible that Pioneer actually wired these speaker wrong considering that they are 2 different speaker sets and purchased 2 months apart?
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