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I just upgraded to a Pioneer SC-1522-K receiver yesterday, and I have already decided I would appreciate a little advice.

First, here is my rather unfortunate room layout.

Now to try to make up for this deficiency, I was going to try to run MCACC from my listening position, and see if it could help me out. However, I am a little concerned about the output levels from the calibration routine. Am I going to damage my La Scalas running the MCACC tones at reference level? I'm nervous because my normal receiver listening level is -60dB. (They are rated for 100W continuous, 400W peak, 104dB @ 1W/1m, and the receiver is capable of 130W per channel output.)

I have selected the 5.1ch + Zone 2 + Zone 3 speaker configuration. I then turned off Zone 2 and Zone 3, as well as the surround and center channels of the output. La Scalas are set to small, and the sub is yes. X-over is 80Hz. So theoretically, I am now running a 2.1 receiver setting. Sound about right? (No pun intended.) I have made no other changes.

If anyone can offer any other advice as to setting I should investigate, please respond! This receiver is a beast compared to my old Denon 2803.

One thing I really DON'T like is that my HTPC knows when my TV is turned off and disables my sound device.
Sounds like that can be solved with a cheap powered HDMI switch.

Thanks in advance,

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