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I am new here (new to working with high-end systems too) and have recently purchased Pioneer SC-37, Samsung 55'' LED, panasonic blu ray and Bowers Wilkins speakers. I had a local technician install the entire system and he put the receiver, blu ray player, apple TV, cable box in a closet with an IR system. Have a few questions:

- the blu ray, TV & apple TV are all on different HDMI ports. when i toggle the ports on the receiver, I do not see the HDMI port being displayed on the TV or the Pioneer remote. How do I enable that? Its really frustrating to not be able to tell which device one is using?

- I have a 5.1 channel set up with the B&W speakers. What sound output have people set up for listening to music and watching movies?

- I was thinking of purchasing a universal remote. Given that the IR setup is already there, will I need to uninstall that if I buy the Logitech Harmony 900? Which one would you recommend?

Thanks for all your help!
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