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Pioneer SD-533HD5

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Hi, first post:)

Recently purchased the SD-533 after searching for a good set around the $1,500 mark

I have noticed that theres a pinkish area in the top right, (well the right side 5 inches in all down, but the top right is more prominant)

it goes 6 to 8 inches in.

Anyone else had this with this same set?

I have no magnetised speakers or anything near the tv
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re-the above

having read on the problem, its pretty apparant in most RPTV to some degree, color uniformity can be resolved, I understand by lens striping and adjustments in the service menu of such things as rcut

having thought hard, I think the best thig for me to do, would be to look into professional ISF calibration.

Does anyone know of professionals in or near Birmingham Alabama? either based there or on tour?

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