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Pioneer SD533HD5 & Digital OTA

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How will a non HDTV, Digital OTA signal, display using a DTC100 and the SD533HD5( or any 16:9 tv for that matter)

For example, if I watch "Friends" on Chicago NBC OTA Digital

Station 29-1, will it display properly (16:9)in full mode? Or do I have to zoom or stretch?

Thanks for any help.
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Your question is a little confusing, but I will take a shot at it:

You appear to be asking out a digital broadcast of a 4:3 show will be shown on your Pioneer HDTV. This depends on whether the Chicago affiliate is broadcasting a 16:9 picture (a 4:3 picture will black bars inserted on the sides) or a 4:3 picture.

In the 16:9 case, what you will get is the 4:3 image centered on your screen with black bars on either side. If you don't like this, then the DTC100 has the ability to send you the picture in 4:3 mode, with the sides of the original 16:9 image cropped off. You can then choose amoung the various display options on your Pioneer for showing this. I typically watch my 4:3 programs using the "Natural Wide" mode. A bit-crisper picture can be had by using the 4:3 mode, but in that case you will have gray bars on the side.

If they are broadcasting a 4:3 picture then you again have all of the typical options for display, with the most-prevalent choices for a 4:3 broadcast being Natural Wide and 4:3 mode.

Did this hit your question? I am to assume that you are considering the purchase of this set? Perhaps your wife has concerns as to how her favorite programs will display :)?
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