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I've been a long-time lurker and I've finally registered. I've found most of the conversations here quite useful, and want to thank everyone for sharing their knowledge.

I've had a Pioneer PDH-505 for about five years and ran it with a VSX-48 TXi amplifier. I've moved that from my main room to the master bedroom, and I've upgraded my main room to a VSX-84 TXSi with a PRO-FHD1. I'm really thrilled with the new system, and rewiring everything is lots of fun.

I'm afraid, though, that I don't understand the SR+ feature that the new equipment has. What's the point of this? Should I buy the cables to hook it up? It seems aimed at installations where the components aren't "infrared visible" but the display is. That's not my setup -- I can hit all of my components with my remote.

Is there some other reason for using SR+? Am I understanding it correctly?

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