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Has anyone on here got any info on what method Pioneer use on the 9G panels for subpixel control?

Is it the contiguous CLEAR method with sub fields?

I've done a bit of reading on this and it seems to a very limited method.

i.e. poor colour resolution on a frame by frame basis with the need for various forms of dithering to overcome the limitations.The only bonus appears (to me) to be better blacks and contrast range.

This kind of agrees with what I see on my kuro 5090 here in the UK. i.e. not great performance on HD with lots of noise on some scenes and also posterisation. The image doesn't look as natural as other TVs (IMO).

Panasonic appear to use a more conventional driver method that appears to have greater colour depth on a frame by frame basis. i.e. it has 8 sub fields with non contiguous binary weightings.

Has anyone experience of how Pioneer drive the subpixels on 9G panels?
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