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Pioneer VSX-1015TX -> MX500 - help

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Wondering if anybody have recently found a way to clone/copy/learn commands from the universal remote that comes with a Pioneer VSX-1015TX A\\V onto a HTM MX500?

ive searched around and found very old topics that people can usually learn the remote codes on another remote controlls before teaching the MX500, but the remotes they are suggesting are no longer in production. :(

Pioneer VSX-1014TX remote appears to be the same.

none of the buttons can be learned, volume, power, etc.
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Get a OFA urc-8820, not only is it a learning remote, but it can probably originate some of the commands you need itself. Via advanced codes, these are 5 digit codes for individual functions. Some include:








00191-Cursor right

00195-Corsor left

00193-Cursor down

00189-Cursor up

00247-discrete ON

00251-discrete OFF
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those are the exact ones im looking for, with the addition of volume up/down and mute.

is there a list of these codes somewhere on the forum?
The codes above and in this list are for setup code 0013 only, can't be used with ofa AUD code 1023.

Most of the codes in the list will have no effect on your model, because that list is for receivers 15 years old.:) You will have to add two zeroes to the FRONT of each adanced code in the list.
Edmund, i got the remote suggested,

i was able to copy the general needed keys into my MX500.

now last question. how do i give the 8820 the descrete codes in your list above?

i dont see anywhere in the manual where i can set them unless i missed it
To map them to a key:

1. press AUD key programmed with setup 0013

2. press and hold SET for two blinks

3. enter 9-9-4

4. tap SET for one blink

5. enter 5 digit code

6. pick a key
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