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I recently replaced a Denon AVR-2808CI with the new Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K. I wanted the extra HDMI ports and never really warmed up to the sound of the Denon.

My front speakers, middle, and sub are Klipsch (Chorus II's for the front left and right). I'm using Mirage Nanosats in back.

Getting great sound from the Pioneer but have a question:

How do I access Auto Level Control (ALC) which is supposed to balance out those horrible increases of volume in television commercial breaks?

Also trying to access Advanced Sound Retriever (ASR) which is supposed to enhance sound quality of compressed MP3 sources like my iPod.

Couldn't find references to these in the instruction manual.

All help here is appreciated. I have been in love with audio since high school. My first receiver was an old Fisher 500-B which took me through college.


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Welcome to AVSForum!

There is an Official Pioneer VSX-1019AH Owner's thread . It would be better if you asked questions there, directly. However, since this is your first time on AVSForum, I'm sure the mods won't mind.

To answer your questions:

Auto Level Control, and how to access it is explained on pages 53 and 56 of your 1019/919 manual. Simply press "Receiver" (the bottom button, not at the top) and then press AUTO/ALC DIRECT to toggle between different modes, of which ALC is one.

Sound Retriever can be found in the Audio Parameters menu, the description of which is given on pages 64-66 of the manual.

Another bit of advice, download the 1019/919 manual from the Pioneer support pages. It will help you out a lot. I know you must be having the paperback version, but the pdf is much better. Believe me, finding things in the pdf is a breeze.

Enjoy your new receiver.
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