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Pioneer VSX-1024 audio problem

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This Pioneer VSX-1024 is new to me and did not come with a large manual only a quick start guide.

The audio on the sat/cab I out has suddenly stopped working. I get audio fine through the BD and DVD inputs from my Blue Ray and Roku.

There is audio with the cable feed when it is plugged directly into the tv. I tried changing listening modes but I am not sure which setting is particular to this input that is muting the audio completely.

Thanks in advance!
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What happens when you plug the sat/cbl into another HDMI input on the Pioneer? Still video but no audio?
No I get audio, but this would only be a temp fix because I don't have a free input. For this I unplugged the XBox.

It's specific to the sat/cable input but I have no idea what I did.
I would suggest plugging the cbl/sat back into it's original hdmi input, selecting that as the AVR's input, and pressing the SIGNAL SEL button on the remote until it cycles back to H (HDMI). You could have accidentally changed the audio input for that input.

Here's the manual:

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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