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Pioneer VSX-24TX vs Onkyo TX-DS777

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I hoping for replies from folks who own either one of these or have tested both of these.

I was going to purchase an Onkyo 777 but then my boss, whose opinion I trust, said I should check out the Pioneer Elite 24TX. Now my opinion of Pioneer receivers isn't all that great but seeing as I really trust his opinion I'm giving it a thought. I've never tried a Pioneer but here's what I like about the Onkyo:


5-ch stereo

the remote

digital output

Does anyone know if the Pioneer has an equivalent 5-ch stereo feature? I know Denon does. Ok just looking for tips and ramblings from anyone about why I should choose one of these two. And I'm sorta locked into buying one of these, don't want to consider Yamaha, Sony, or Denon( I had a Denon and it was great but some minor things I knew the Onyko was better in so I returned it-just my personal taste).

Ok thanks,

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Hello Jason -

I've had a VSX-24TX since last July and I love mine! I didn't compare it to the Onkyo, but I did compare it to Dennon, Sony and Yamaha. IMO it was much cleaner and warm sounding, plus it had all of the features I was looking for. Yes, it does have a 5-channel processing mode called "5-D Theater" which works very well with 2-channel audio. This receiver really sounds (and looks) great. I would seriously consider giving one a listen. Also the price is pretty reasonable - around $650.

Good Luck,

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