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Hi everyone,

This is a little bit of a weird problem but I was wondering if anyone else has come across this/ if they've managed to solve it.

I have a pioneer VSX-43 that works perfectly once it's turned on. However, we have an interesting hardware bug where I need to press the power button twice before the receiver actually turns on from a 'cold start'. On the first press of the button, the receiver turns on for maybe one second before turning off. Then you can press the power button again and it turns on fully with no problem.

This wouldn't be a huge problem unless it didn't also do this with airplay and DLNA streaming. I'll have to select airplay one time, it will turn on and turn off the first time, then I'd have to select it again (10 min later because airplay gets confused) when it will actually turn on and function as designed.

I am an electrical engineer and I am suspecting a capacitor isn't holding its required capacity to facilitate a proper startup but I want to see if anyone may know what the cause of this is or if anyone else has experienced this before.

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