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I am having some issue with my VSX-44 and Cisco DVR and am hoping someone can help me get it solved. I am using a Logitech Harmony remote and when I turn on the Watch TV activity everything works great, same when I want to watch content on my Apple TV or PS3. However if I am using one of the other activities and switch to Watch TV without turning the system off I get video but no audio. If I switch the receiver to a different tuner and then back, switch the audio to pass through and then back, or power cycle the DVR everything starts working again. I have tried messing with settings on my DVR and receiver but have not had any luck in resolving the issue. I managed to get around it by using an optical cable for audio, so now I have HDMI and the optical cable from my DVR connected to the receiver, but this solution seems a bit buggy. I get some lag every time I got to watch something on the DVR or video cuts in an out momentarily. So I am hoping to find a way to get everything work correctly with just the HDMI cable. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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