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Hey all, first post. Apologies if this goes elsewhere; I did some cursory reading and didn't see any better place.

I've had a Pioneer VSX-521-K for a few years. It works great and I've been pleased. I have it in a cabinet that isn't great for ventilation, and I've had some overheating issues in the past, especially when pushing multiple channels for gaming after extended periods of time. In my experience it really needs to heat up for a while before it becomes a problem. It's never been a huge issue; I lower the volume, give it a break, or occasionally point a fan at it, and it's fine. Not perfect, but whatever; it's my furniture situation and I'm not changing that.

However, a few days ago the receiver stopped working completely. I was showboating a little bit and cranked my system during a surround sound video game cutscene, after turning on my system from completely off. Very quickly the receiver flashed the overheating warning, turned off, and wouldn't turn back on. Naturally I thought it had just overheated, but it never started working again. I checked all my cables for +/- separation, but didn't find anything. I didn't smell any burning or anything like that. After some frustration I finally yanked ALL the inputs/outputs from the receiver, leaving nothing but the power, and it still won't turn on. Hasn't for over a week.

So clearly something's up. My question is: any idea what? Is it an easy fix? Is it even worth taking it to a repair shop (I have one on my street, coincidentally)? I paid $130 for it on Woot, so it's not a huge investment, but I'd hate to chuck it if it's an easy fix like popping in a new fuse or something.

Any advice is much appreciated.
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