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Just bought a Pioneer VSX-523-K A/V receiver to replace a Sony HTIB because we needed HDMI inputs into our sound system. Except the subwoofer I'm using the HTIB speakers, which are labeled 3 ohm impedance. I realize that will cause damage to the receiver so I plan to change those out ASAP.

My problem is the sound. In Auto Surround mode the receiver is detecting Dolby sound from most all inputs (Apple TV, Blue-ray player, even Comcast cable). But the sound, most noticeably in dialog, it's ike I'm listening over a cell phone. Perhaps action scenes and those with a lot of frequencies range sound pretty good. But the dialog sound sucks so bad that I'd rather listen in "F.S.S. Advanced" mode, which isn't surround.

I've run the auto-setup mode, no improvement. I'm about to return everything. Thoughts?
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