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Just a FYI ---

My Pioneer Elite VSX-74TXvi died last night. I was watching a movie when suddenly I heard 60 cycle hum in my surrounds. I started to smell "hot" electrical components.

I immediately shut it down. After doing some checks, I powered it back up and got the AMP Error flash. A Hard Reset did nothing and I know that the Digital Safety is now set on.

Now, before all of you ask about my speaker impedance and overdrving the internal amp, I might add that I use this A/V receiver only as a pre-processor hooked into an Outlaw amp. The setup has worked flawlessly for over a year.

I took the Amp (still under warranty) to Magnolia and they will have to send it out. I

I have idea why the unit took a dump. It was not driven hard, but after searching

the internet, I do not get a good feeling about this or the quality of the newer Elite series. This is the first "problem" I have had in any of my audio equipment in over 30 years....(sigh)
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