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Pioneer VSX-74TXVi

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I did a search with no results here. Does anyone have any first hand exerience with this receiver? I started looking at these

Onkyo 803

Outlaw 990

Denon 2807

Yamaha 2600

and now am looking at

Pioneer VSX-74TXVi

Denon 2807 or higher

Yamaha 2600 or higher

Would love some first hand reviews from users here, or links to threads I could not find.

Thanks in Advance!
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You sure you tried a search? There's a thread for this receiver with over 49+ pages from owners dating back to 08/05 when this beast came out and it is still going strong. I would post the link if I knew how. Check the first three pages of this forum and look for the unofficial thread of this reciever titled "So I bought a Pioneer Elite VSX-74txvi today.....should get lots of info on this model if you're willing to read all 49+ pages.

I figured out how to post the link but they won't let me post it until I have five. Good luck.
Originally Posted by stubeeef
I did a search with no results here.
Hmm, you might want to evaluate your search process. In the meantime you can browse this thread .
I bought it last week! :D So far I LOVE IT!!
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